725 Commits (development)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Neal Wilson 6ce6aa01b1 Fix roasting spec updates 2 months ago
  Neal Wilson b458b68ca7
Eliminate compiler warnings 1 year ago
  Neal Wilson 227e629931
SaltTable enhancements 1 year ago
  Neal Wilson 9d132969a1
Prevent SQL combo boxes from collapsing completely prior to relevant data entry 1 year ago
  Neal Wilson 619b5d1653
Add form layouts 1 year ago
  Neal Wilson 2cff011706
Add editable and selectionBehavior properties to <sqltablearray> 1 year ago
  Neal Wilson 2b0d7c7e37
Expose QModelIndex::row() to host environment 1 year ago
  Neal Wilson 0b5e382fcd
Support IKAWA CSV with headers: time, state, temp set, exaust temp, fan set (%), fan speed (RPM) heater power (%) 1 year ago
  Neal Wilson 630058ed74
Fallback batch details if a record does not have green coffee 1 year ago
  Neal Wilson 2c3913f27d
Fix pre-blend total weight insertion on manual log entry 1 year ago
  Neal Wilson 0add093edf
Escape special characters 1 year ago
  Neal Wilson 133181f286
Merge branch 'master' into development 1 year ago
  Neal Wilson 80f95022b3
Default stylesheet for reports 1 year ago
  Neal Wilson bd5bf8e745
Set reports background color to white regardless of system theme. See #13 1 year ago
  Neal Wilson 686151899c
Preliminary fix for reports on HiDPI screens 1 year ago
  Neal Wilson 47fe79b8e6
Update generated file 1 year ago
  Neal Wilson c5baec8a1b Update generated file 1 year ago
  Neal Wilson 36c20a92d5 Update version strings 1 year ago
  Neal Wilson b72918c0cf
Fixes #7. Add nag to Delete button 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson 019234fa2a
Add inventory transaction editing and deletion 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson 69391c2a56
Update version string in about box to 1.9.1rc1 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson cf555fe680
Closes #2 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson 8097c9102d
Update generated files 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson c1274a90de
Continue refactoring plan loading 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson ee6f53bee8
Refactor profile loading 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson 7c4ec7846b
Suppress translation with cleared logs 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson 59e0bb17d4
Fix profile translation when loading from batch log 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson a44d09ca44
Update version number and copyright dates 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson 6ec5436432
Remove entypo license now that the font is no longer used 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson b73bb7d809
Update About Typica window 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson 147e12c4e0
Merge branch 'issue161' into development 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson a8b9c38784
Color green coffee rows red if remaining quantity is negative 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson 6db56fff58
Add basic QBrush scripting support 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson 381f48b419
Basic QColor scripting support 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson a56c5cfb29
Disallow entry of negative quantities of green coffee in new batch window 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson d7abb31de1 Update invoice info on line item change 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson a1a1dcd5aa Fast profile loading in View Target Roast Profiles 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson 5841ab59e4 Ignore .DS_Store files 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson 3805a2c39b Enable batch counting 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson f5b6c5a540 Properly initialize channel parameters on script devices 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson 7598df7050 Initial batch count support in AnnotationButton 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson 621a5f35dd Update copyright 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson 3ea256ab9e Merge branch 'development' of https://github.com/N3Roaster/typica into development 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson 475ee6705e Fix decaf validation during purchase 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson 46bc965c77 Trivial option for issue #162 feature request 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson e928479a3f Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/N3Roaster/typica 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson 9731a3911a Add Reports menu to reports 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson ee46695240 Improve reminders dashboard display 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson e568f50eae Implement Delete All in roasting schedule 2 years ago
  Neal Wilson 0630657f6c Generated translation files 2 years ago